How to Get Fit for Your Clients, Fast.


Let's get fit

Juggling a huge client list is not easy, but let’s get realistic here. No one has time for a juice cleanse. Period.¬†Imagine taking 2 weeks off to cleanse your digestive system with fruits, who’s gonna run the business?

Its not like you can hire a replacement, that wouldn’t do. You’re unique, and your customers come to you, and you only. You’re the brand, you’re the product. There’s no replacement. Repeat after me, no replacement.

So, what have we do to do to stay fit and nice and sexy and all that yummy stuff? Here’s a quick round up of what you can do.

Eat only within an 8 hour time frame.

Yes, you’re going to eat only 1/3 of the time in a 24-hour day. This is called intermittent fasting, and it helps you body burn up calories faster than if you keep stuffing it with food. Give your body time to rest and restart.

Drink more H2O

It’s true that we need 8 cups of water each day. And staying hydrated is the key to moisturising your skin. This is a trick no 100 dollar moisturiser will be ever be able to do. Drink each cups with some lemon or cut fruits to spice up the good old water.

Take supplements

Herbal supplements are the way to go. It helps you with weight loss but in a healthy way. We’ve recently tested out the weight loss pill Zotrim and have had fantastic results. It helps regulate your eating habits and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Park further

Going on an outcall? Or just running some errands? Park further and start walking. Keep you body moving to get those blood flowing. A good walk will calm you down and get you client ready.




December 30, 2015

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